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About Us

Welcome to the creative hub of retsof design

Ever wondered who's behind the artistry of these structures and designs? Well, that’s us - a collective of dreamers, designers, and doers.

Back in 2015, we started as a tiny design studio with a big dream: to turn every space into a narrative, a story waiting to be told. Fast forward to today, and we’ve brought countless dreams to life, from cozy homes to sprawling spaces, each echoing its owner’s unique voice.

James and Beth Foster

We cherish those little moments when clients share their dreams with us - whether it's the memory of a sunlit room from their childhood or their passion for modern minimalistic designs. This dialogue is our starting point, the first brushstroke on a blank canvas.

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Financial Protection & Management

Working with our trusted partner IWG Partnership Limited, a Chartered Building Consultancy, we are able to manage the project budget and make the the process of finding a suitable, trustworthy builder simple. We will assist in forming a contract between yourself and the builder as well as managing the build to ensure the highest level of commercial protection remains throughout the whole process. Working within your budget we can ensure that any designs produced are not just meeting your design aspirations, but your financial ones also.

Key Features:

  • Budget & affordability considered throughout entire design process
  • Protection from rogue builders
  • Project risk reduction & financial protection
  • Management of changes & unexpected issues
  • Procurement of Statutory Authorities and other project fees often not considered when budgeting

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At retsof design, we're more than just architects and designers. We're partners in crafting your dream space. Whether you're looking to build from scratch or rejuvenate an existing structure, our suite of services is designed to turn your architectural aspirations into tangible realities.

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Why people love our architectural & interior design services

Retsof listened to our requirements and then came back with a great design, tailored to our needs. We now have a brilliant space which we love!

Kath High Wycombe

In my experience the design advice was fantastic, spot on to our brief, the drawing quality was great, they were produced quickly, accurately and were approved first time through the local council with no queries or challenges.

Jemma Walters Ash

I cannot recommend Retsof Design more highly. Retsof is delightful to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who asks!

Debbie High Wycombe

Really impressed with the fast and friendly service from Retsof Design. I was kept informed of costs and likely timescales all the way through and was very happy with the end result.

Paul High Wycombe

meet our team

retsof design's passionate and dynamic team  blend aesthetics and functionality to create unique spaces. Let's work together to make architectural magic happen!

Our Team

Beth Foster

From Visual Merchandiser, to Interior Designer to Fabric Sales, to Mum, to today. Every day's a school day; and everyday there is a need for change. I work with what the family needs, and the idea for a solution to help future proof the home.

James Foster

A broad portfolio of commercial and residential design projects. Educated at London Guildhall University of Architectural and Interior Design with over 25 years of design and construction experience.